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8 Gadgets to Help Seniors Live at Home

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8 Gadgets to Help Seniors Live at Home

Aging in place; it’s what many seniors want and is now more easily available for them. Technology is key to many seniors successfully living at home longer. There are many different tech gadgets and apps that can be used by seniors and caregivers to improve the comfort, safety and ease in your home.

Here are some cool gadgets we found that could make living at home even easier and give peace of mind to you and your loved ones:

1. MedMinder 


Forgetting to take medication can have a dangerous health impact and can be a reason why elderly eventually move into nursing homes. Now there are pill dispensers that can help remind you to take your pills. MedMinder Pill Dispensers give flashing, audio and phone call reminders to you and phone call, email and text message reminders to your caregiver.

2. SmartSole

Designed for those with memory impairment who may wander from their house, this GPS SmartSole has a tracking device embedded in the insoles. A caregiver or loved one can track the GPS on their phone, tablet or computer.  

3. Wemo

Belkin’s line of Wemo products is becoming more and more extensive. Turn lights and appliances on and off with the Wemo app on your phone if you forgot or if you went to bed and feel just a little too lazy to get out of bed. They even have cameras so you can watch your home from anywhere.

4. Liftware

Eating can become difficult for people with hand tremors. Liftware is a stabilizing handle with a spoon and fork attachment. As soon as the handle and utensil touch, it will automatically turn on. Turn it upside down to temporarily turn it off.

5. Zubie 

This device plugs into your vehicle and monitors the vehicle health and whereabouts. Use the Zubie app on your phone to monitor your engine and battery life, track fuel levels and locate your vehicle with the GPS tracking.

6. The Tile App

No longer worry about losing anything with this app. Attach a tile to your keychain, place one in your wallet or stick it to that pesky remote that keeps falling into the couch. Tile casts a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet and will run for a year with zero upkeep. Did we mention they’re water resistant?

7. SmartThings

Worried about the security of your home or the safety of an aging loved one? Place the SmartThings censors to doors, windows, thermostats and more. Use the app to be alerted if a door opens or to check if you forgot to close a window and track elderly family members if someone isn’t up and moving when they should be.

8. My Home Team 

This app allows you to connect in real time with your loved ones. If it’s difficult to visit your grandchildren, this app is perfect for you. Video chat, play games and read books with them, just like you do in person.

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