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10 Easy Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen on a Budget

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10 Easy Upgrades to Improve Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house but is also a space that can look outdated rather quickly. The only problem is that it is also one of the most expensive rooms in the house to upgrade. If your kitchen seems to be getting out of date but you’re not ready to pay out for a full remodel, here are some small renovations you can do yourself or hire a handyman to upgrade your space.

1. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

It’s amazing how this small change can really improve the look of your kitchen. Swapping out the handles or knobs for something new or adding hardware if your cabinets don’t already have them can really make them pop.

2. Paint

This can be a quick and easy update that doesn’t break the bank. Paint your kitchen walls a fun color. A bigger challenge but worth it, paint your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes all you need is a little more color.

3. Countertops

New countertops can be extremely expensive. If your countertop is still in pretty good shape but you’re looking for something new, consider painting them. Rustoleum Coutertop Transformations is easy to use and completely transforms your countertops.

4. Textiles

Adding bold fabric can add some fun energy to your kitchen. Replace your curtains or add a fun kitchen rug.

5. Lighting

Lighting sets the ambiance of your kitchen. There are so many different options available to improve the lighting in your kitchen in cheap, inexpensive ways. Replace the light fixtures or add under-cabinet lighting. Also, consider adding different types of lighting such as task, decorative and ambient lighting.

6. Backsplash

Install backsplash for something fresh and practical. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of—tile, stone, glass, or wood—a backsplash is essential to your kitchen’s style. Choose something that will match your personality, whether it be simple and elegant or fun and flashy; this renovation is a must.

7. Organization

Sometimes the biggest problem is you have too much stuff on your countertops and need to get rid of some clutter. Maximize your space by installing shelves or adding rods. This not only organizes your kitchens space better, it also changes up the look and feel of it.

8. Flooring

If the flooring in your kitchen looks outdated, it can put a real damper on the look of your kitchen. A few inexpensive types of flooring to upgrade include peal and stick tiles or placing laminate flooring over the existing flooring.

9. Faucet

Replacing your faucet doesn’t require a plumber and the new fixture can really change the vibe of your kitchen. With so many different types and styles of faucets, this small change can go a long way.

10. Trim/Decorative Molding

Who says you have to get new cabinets? There is plenty of other inexpensive woodwork in the kitchen that you can add or update. Add trim or decorative molding around your cabinets, on your walls and around your door frames. Choose something with a more sophisticated look but still doesn’t break your budget.

Your kitchen should be fun and functional and with these simple upgrades, it can be trendy too. If you’re looking for assistance on doing some kitchen improvements, contact HandyPro today for a free estimate!     

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