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Top Three Projects That Will Make Your Home Safe

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Top Three Projects That Will Make Your Home Safe

HandyPro is dedicated to providing quality service to our clients at all stages of life. As we get older, it becomes increasingly apparent that our homes aren’t always designed for us to age in place. Slowly it becomes just a little bit harder to get up the stairs and tripping hazards become more apparent. As we age, our bones become more brittle making falls a lot more dangerous than they use to be. In the past, this would mean that we would have to move in to an assisted living facility which has become more and more expensive. Now though, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions to help you stay in your home longer. Here are our top three projects provided for our clients to keep their homes safe and accessible.

1. Entry Vertical Platform Lifts

A Vertical Platform Lift or VPL is basically a mini lift that takes you from ground level up to your front porch. They are generally used for powered elevation of chairs/scooters. These do not take up much space so if you don’t have enough space for a ramp, this is a great alternative and although they were expensive in the past, they have become a much more affordable option.

2. Ramp Systems

Ramp systems are another very popular, inexpensive entryway modification. These require more space than the lifts but they come in a variety of materials and colors. If you only need a temporary ramp, aluminum is preferable to wood for easy installation and removal. For permanent ramps you can get them in wood or composite and they can easily be matched to your home.

3. General Home Repairs

At first glance, you might not think general home repairs will do too much to help keep you safe but you would be surprised. For example, a loose tile on the floor could very easily become a tripping hazard. If you’re currently using your towel rack to hold onto getting into and out of the shower, you may accidentally pull it off the wall. Consider installing a few grab bars to steady yourself getting in and out of the tub. Are your light fixtures all working correctly? Proper lighting outside and inside the home will help prevent you from stumbling around in the dark and tripping.

These are just the most common projects we assist our clients with. If you’re interested in learning how safe your home is, download our free home safety checklist here. Then give us a call at 9545195050 and we give you a free estimate!  

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