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Prepare Your Home's Safety and Accessibility for the Holidays

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Prepare Your Home's Safety and Accessibility for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how accessible your home is to your loved ones visiting. Often it can be difficult for elderly or disabled family or friends to comfortably get in, out and around your home. Here are a few areas of your home you should consider modifying whether it be temporary or permanent to make your home safe and accessible.

1. Thresholds

Often times if you have a higher threshold going into or out of your home or even inside of your home going from one room to the other it can be challenging for both wheelchairs and on foot to move around easily. Consider a threshold ramp or portable ramp depending on the size of the threshold.

2. Hallways/Doorways

Measure the width of your doorways and hallways in advance. The recommended doorway width to accommodate a wheelchair is 36 inches making some doorways an obstacle for home access. Plan ahead if you need to have a doorway widened to accommodate your guests.

3. Open Floorplan

Rearrange your floorplan to something more open and easier to move around in. If there are tight turns or places that may impede safe travel around the room, brainstorm ideas on how you can move things around to make it safer and easier to move around. If you have small children, be sure any toys or objects that may normally end up on the ground are put away.

4. Temporary Ramps

If you have a friend or relative staying for an extended period of time, consider renting a temporary aluminum ramp for your porch steps. This will allow your guest to have easier access into and out of your home giving them safety and comfort during their stay.

5. Single Floor Accommodations

Try to keep all activities including eating, bathing and sleeping on the ground level. This will make it much safer and easier for you and your guests rather than trying to find a way to safely get him or her up the stairs.


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