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6 Bathroom Safety Tips That will Help You Live to 100

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6 Bathroom Safety Tips That will Help You Live to 100

Here at HandyPro, we believe that independent living for seniors shouldn’t be a choice, it should be a way of life. According to the CDC, one out of three older adults falls each year. Safety is the top concern when clients call in asking for modifications to a home. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in a household, which is why it’s usually the first item on the list when a homeowner calls us. Here are some tips to protect yourself and loved ones.

1- Grab Bars

Add safety bars in and around your bathtub or shower, and around your toilet. Grab bars aid you in both standing and sitting.


2- High Rise Toilet

Consider getting a high rise toilet so it is easier for you to sit down and get up from.


3- Avoid Tripping Hazards

Remove your bathroom rugs, they are a big tripping hazard.


4- Lighting

Ensure there is adequate lighting in your bathroom for both day and night. At night, use night lights or illuminated switches on the path to your bathroom as well as inside the bathroom.


5- Walk-in-tubs

If you have a hard time getting in and out of your bathtub, look into swapping out your regular tub for a walk-in-tub or walk-in-shower.

6- Doorway Widening

If your bathrooms is narrower, look into getting the doorway widened so it is easier for you to move in and out of.

If you are unsure of what modifications you need made to your bathroom to make it safe, call HandyPro of Plymouth today for your free safety evaluation! 745-254-9160   


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