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Top 8 Tips to Winterize Your Home and Save Money

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Top 8 Tips to Winterize Your Home and Save Money

Winter is on its way and now is the ideal time to start winterizing your home and prepare for the cold. Winterizing your house will keep you warm, lower the cost of your energy bill and reduce the risk of damage to your home from the cold weather. Freezing weather can cause frozen and busted pipes, ice dams and more. Here are eight general tips for your home to reduce the risk of problems arising due to the freezing temps.

Install Weatherstripping

If there are air leaks around your doors or windows, install weatherstripping to fill the voids. There are many varieties of weatherstripping to accommodate your needs such as rubber weatherstripping under a door, weather stripping tape, draft guards and more.

Caulk Gaps

Caulk any gaps on the exterior of your home such as siding, around windows, doors and pipes. If you have any windows or doors that are still drafty after caulking the outside, pull off the interior molding and caulk any gaps around the insulation.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be reversed to move in a clockwise direction. This pushes the hot air up at the ceiling down towards the floor.

Install Storm Doors

Installing storm doors will help seal any drafts your exterior doors may have helping keep cold air out and warm air in.

Control Your Thermostat

Lower the temperature of your thermostat when you are not home. According to the US Department of Energy, you can save as much as 1% on your energy bill for every degree you lower your home’s temperature during the winter.

Use Insulation

Increase the amount of insulation around your home. Install more around windows, doors, attic floor and basement ceiling. Ensuring there is enough insulation in your attic will also prevent ice dams from forming on your eaves and gutters. Insulate pipes as well to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Clean Your Gutters and Roof

Remove all debris from your roof and gutters. The excess weight may cause stress on the house and encourages rot. Once all debris has been removed it also allows for you to inspect your roof and gutters properly to see if there’s any damage that needs to be repaired.

Turn Off Water Lines to Outdoor Faucets

Winter temperatures can freeze water that is trapped in outdoor faucets, causing a burst pipe. Locate the shutoff valve for your outdoor faucets to turn them off and drain an excess water out of the pipes.

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